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Welcome to the Codex Project

We've all written books and review articles. Some are published, some not.

We're academics - we develop teaching materials and design curricula. And as doctors, while we enjoy teaching and educating the next generation, we're pretty fed-up writing textbooks and materials that are out of date by the time they're published.

So we began to ask- how could we improve the textbook?

We soon realised that we were improving a flawed and out-moded product. With Wikipedia, MedLine and other electronic resources, no one today would ever even consider inventing the textbook.

And we realised that the textbook has had its day.

In a world of electronic communication and abundant web-based resources, we realised that the textbook is bloated, cumbersome, expensive and in science - out of date by the time it's published. In fact, we checked with the publishers we've worked with and asked what they were doing with electronic publishing. Their answer? They're converting their textbooks into electronic format and some are adding some videos.

So we re-imagined a product fit for the twenty-first century.

To fulfil the need for reliable, up to date and accessible information, we developed a brand new product developed around the needs of the user. Because we can use technology, we don't need supply lines, printing presses and twelve month turnarounds. In fact we don't need a market of thousands.

Introducing the Codex.

The Codex is a brand new genre that provides a concise precis of a topic - one aimed at a highly focused audience. Distributed electronically, the Codex sits between a journal article and a textbook. The Codex answers a specific question, thereby enabling the reader to perform a task or fulfil a role. With the Codex, you pay only for what you need.

We produce and distribute a Codex to an audience of millions in less than 90 days.

For the reader, we do this for the price of a coffee.*

And for the author? Well, we split all our sales revenue 50:50.

* based on UK pricing.