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The NHS in England: An Introduction for Junior Doctors


While students and junior doctors are immersed in the NHS system earlier and earlier, relatively few have a wider understanding of the broader health economy. With the clear need for medical staff (at all levels) to engage in leadership roles, understanding how the NHS works is more important than ever.

Quite rightly, recruitment processes to higher specialty training are demanding that trainees understand how healthcare works, and more importantly, how as trainees they can improve the NHS.

The author, a specialist registrar in public health medicine, takes trainees through a comprehensive yet concise outline of the NHS starting in 1948 through to the reforms of 2013 and beyond. Readers will be able to understand, discuss and debate the strengths and weaknesses of the current system, with reference to the myriad of structures and organisations that are central to the operation of this vital system.

NOTE: As the structure of the NHS differs across the four nations, this Codex deals with England.

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